Computational thinking with Scratch in teachers education

Learning Scratch for computational and creative thinking: as a new approach to enhance the primary school teacher education.
Joao Orvalho

The teaching of ICT in schools has come in for much criticism. The question of what children should be learning in ICT lessons is one that increasingly preoccupies teachers and educators. This is a huge discussion in UK, USA and in some other countries. For example, in UK there has been a flurry of activity to introduce programming to children at an early age, ex. Code Club. In Portugal the education of primary teachers is mostly done by Colleges of Education. However, these schools do not prepare future teachers to teach the young to develop the interactive contents, developing logical problem solving. For this reason, at the College of Education Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, four years ago we started a program of training of students in the 1st year of the degree of primary school teachers with Scratch. Over this time, we have followed their progress and see there are much to fix, especially in the development of the concept of computational thinking, and to change, especially in the thought of the ICT curriculum in primary schools.


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