Connecting new teachers to Scratch: An active teacher training method

The role of the expert teacher in teacher training
Frank Sabaté

After years using Scratch at Escola Projecte in Barcelona, we found that one of the main difficulties of spreading its use was teacher training. Although we tried several workshops and online courses, teachers knew how to use Scratch but didn’t know how to use it in the classroom. We decided to start a new way of training. An expert teacher leads one Scratch session and another teacher watches the lesson. After that he replicates the session with another group.
Before each session there is a short meeting to write a draft of the contents and there is also an after-session meeting where the teachers share their notes and discuss the difficulties that the students had. All the sessions are recorded on a diary with pictures of the projects and links to the Scratch Gallery.
Our goal is to repeat the method next academic year with the new teacher becoming the leader of the sessions and training another teacher so we can guarantee that teachers using Scratch in their classrooms have enough resources and self-confidence to do it.