Homemade Scratch Sensors - Ignite Style

Building physical interfaces and software development - live!
Andrew Sula
Samantha Edwards
Thomas Preece

Scratch is a great tool for teaching the basics of computer programming, yet it also has much potential to show how hardware and software can interact. Technology Volunteers have been exploring the use of physical sensors and interfaces with Scratch.

Our fast-paced ‘Ignite Presentation’ will demonstrate the building of a simple physical interface to Scratch using a few buttons, a cardboard box lid and a Scratch PicoBoard. In only five minutes, we shall build the interface and write some Scratch games to show what it can do. These games will include a reaction-based game, and a ‘Simon’ memory game.

As we race to beat the clock, we will be talking through everything we do. If all goes well, you will see how easy creating physical interfaces for Scratch can be. If not, it will certainly be entertaining....

Please see http://go.warwick.ac.uk/TechVolunteers/Scratch2013/Ignite to view our short video.


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http://go.warwick.ac.uk/TechVolunteers/Scratch2013/Ignite to view our short video