Catrobat: A mobile visual programming system inspired by Scratch

Demonstrating how Catrobat can be used to wireless program external hardware
Wolfgang Slany

Catrobat is a free and open source visual programming system inspired by Scratch but entirely running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone smartphones and tablets as well as on HTML5 enabled mobile browsers. We will demo Catrobat including how to wirelessly program external hardware using Catrobat, such as Lego Mindstorms robots, Bluetooth Arduino boards, as well as Parrot AR.Drone quadcopters. Catrobat allows, e.g., to extend a Lego Mindstorms robot to which a smartphone has been attached using cable binders with computer vision functionality such as automatic face detection. Bluetooth Arduino boards can be used to wirelessly control any kind of electric or electronic external device, e.g., for home automation or to remotely control soccer robots and/or robot arms. Participants will be able to try out Catrobat on their own devices including new features that are not yet available in the public versions of Catrobat.