EduScratch - Spreading seeds all over Portugal

EduScratch spreads Scratch among Portuguese schools by training teachers to promote students computational thinking
Miguel Ângelo Figueiredo
Teresa Martinho Marques

EduScratch is a partnership between Directorate General for Education, Portuguese Ministry of Education and Science, ICT Competence Center, School of Education – Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal, and SAPO–PT. It’s main goal is the development of a teachers CoP on educational use of Scratch, through this actions: teacher training courses (formal/informal); promoting the use of Scratch in schools; integration of ICT in teaching/learning activities; supporting schools, both face to face or at a distance, using Scratch and developing ICT learning goals of the national curriculum; creating and organizing teaching/learning resources; sharing resources and news (EduScratch portal, ICT Competence Centre website, Facebook and Twitter) and assessment of the activities. EduScratch had a contribution to 2012 curriculum reforms in the Portuguese education system. The new ICT curriculum for grades 7 and 8 includes the exploration of computational environments (e.g. Scratch).
Links: (EduScratch portal) (SAPO Scratch portal)



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