Scratch-Quiz for schools

A «quiz-motor» for making quizzes about any subject in education based on Scratch as software and Buzz!-buttons as hardware.
Olav Andreas Marschall

In the presentation I will present the need, the idea, the technology and examples of quizes with Buzz!-controllers - realized in Scratch – with buzzers (big buttons) as known and popularized on various gaming platforms. This type of quiz presents four alternative answers, and lets contestants compete in pressing the correct button – the right answer - as fast as possible. Several types of score-counting are possible. Use of avatars on stage as well as global high-scores (cloud-variables in Scratch 2) exemplify the manifold of educational uses of «Scratch-quizes» inside class-rooms. Such applications may contribute to the general trend of «gamification» in formal schooling systems. Can such applications contribute to make training and drill sessions more stimulating, competitive and engaging? Can low-cost technology based on Buzz!, Arduino or nanoBoard plus some rather straightforward programming in Scratch really generate excitement in pupils even if questions come from theoretical subjects such as history, biology or math?



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