Official presentation and hands on session of new LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3 in Spain

An opportunity to use the latest version of Lego Mindstorms.
Rocio Lara

The new programming environment in LEGO Mindstorms looks a lot like Scratch, and is using the logic from wood puzzles as structural metaphor. On the other hand the robot kit is going to be iOS and Android compatible and it will open to connecting to the world better than before.
There are some approximations like “Enchanting” to program the NXT system in Scratch environment and it will be prognosticated that the new A Linux OS (very hackable!), which will be released under an Open Source license, could open new opportunities to developers and advanced teachers and students as well.
NXT system is well known everywhere and it opens a door to teach code in school, it's quite attractive for children, and it’s a good media to promote other systems and software environments.
Into the Poster/demo modality we will have the new EV3 robot to handle demonstrations and explain new features of the system. We will show as well new software environment and show several programming examples. Answer teachers questions about differences respect the NXT 2.1 and coming opportunities with this new model, real world interaction possibilities and combine work with scratch projects.