Running Scratch projects on smartphones and tablets – and programming on them too!
Wolfgang Slany

We implemented an automatic translator from Scratch to Catrobat. Catrobat is a Scratch-inspired visual programming system for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, as well as for HTML5 enabled mobile browsers. Catrobat has its own sharing platform and paint app, and allows kids to program directly on their mobile devices – no PC or Laptop is needed whatsoever. Challenges we solved when automatically translating Scratch projects include, e.g., how to deal with Scratch’s “when X key pressed” blocks on the typically keyboard-less mobile devices. Catrobat has been chosen as the official programming system for kids on the new OLPC Android tablet. The development of the translator from Scratch to Catrobat has been kindly supported by Google. The Catrobat project currently has more than 100 active developers, is a free open source software project, and 108 developer years of effort have been put into it according to its Ohloh statistics.


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