From Zero to Scratch Game Development in 8 Weeks

How educators can successfully use online courses to create games with Scratch
Carmin Karasic

This talk describes how educators who are neither programmers nor gamers successfully learn to create games with Scratch in an online course.

Art Techne is a unique graduate level technology integration course designed by artists, Carmin Karasic and Sam Smiley. Artists are good at seeing the relationship between disparate things. Sam and Carmin saw many interesting possibilities for pedagogy links between art, game design, and interdisciplinary topics. In this course, students discover and exploit such links, to build projects that demonstrate their viability in learning environments.

The underlying concepts and technologies learned from the course readings, discussions and projects are synthesized to create a simple educational game in Scratch. From the first class, each weekly experience further prepares the student to think logically about project development, while keeping in mind the importance of visual impact and simple interactivity. Each student ultimately becomes a Scratch game developer.