Inventors4Change. Invent the change you wish to see in the world

How robotics and scratch workshops can empower children to become agents of change
Eduard Muntaner Perich
Jordi Freixenet
Mariona Niell Colom
Marta Peracaula Bosch

Inventors4Change is a new project led by the University of Girona (Spain). After an experience in a rural school in southern India, where we developed Robotics & Scratch workshops, and after more recent and similar experiences in some Catalan schools which are problematic because of their high rates of immigration, our team is convinced that robotics and programming (and other ICT-Media technologies) can become very important tools for introducing Development Education (DE) in schools, in both North and South countries. And we are convinced that these technologies will help to turn children into critical thinkers and agents of change in their communities, motivated and creative.
Inventors4Change aims to provide tools to the children so they can invent for themselves the changes they want to see in the world. The project will consist of a network of schools and organizations which use Technologies for Creative Learning in DE issues. The project will have a website where the main users will be children, and Scratch will have a central role in the portal. Periodically, we will launch thematic challenges (that will address major problems of humanity: hunger, poverty, global warming, etc.), open to children around the world, who will share their Scratch projects with their solutions and inventions. The open challenges are designed to connect children from around the world and allow them to work together, cooperate, and share interest in the same project.
The idea of the project received 2 awards: MovimientoE3-Telefónica award, and #IdeasParaMejorarElMundo (Univ. of Salamanca).
A member of our team will be working in a rural school for poor children in India during the conference, and we set up a videoconference, letting the children explain their experiences.
This project is driven by UdiGital, a strategic research unit of the University of Girona in the field of ICTs and Multimedia.